At Totally Locally we believe that Independent Shops & Businesses are the lifeblood of our towns. We also believe the future of independent high streets is a combination of bricks and mortar shops with a strong online presence.

Currently, customers can browse what you and your neighbouring businesses sell, and you as a shop owner have the option of either allowing them to Click and Collect their orders, select Postal Delivery or discover your existing website.

You will need to have a registered business address or trade in Halifax (HX1) and select the membership option below to apply.

Follow our 6 steps below for customers to discover your store.



You can find our full step by step instructions >> HERE << that walk you through everything in detail – all in easy, bite-sized chunks! Or you can watch the videos below to get you going.

If you have more questions or want us to help you register and get your products online, drop us a line here —>

Note: by registering your business on this website you are agreeing…

  • To our Terms and Conditions for Vendors.
  • You have a registered independent business (not a national chain, national charity, franchise or MLM) in Halifax (HX1) area.
  • You agree to providing orders to our delivery partner for home delivery within HX1-3
  • You are 18 years old or over.


Free Subscription
No setup fee, no additional fees. Completely FREE for chosen businesses in Halifax

An ECommerce store on the site is free for the 3 month trial of this website. There is no contract, you can leave at any time. Unlike other sites, we take no % of your sales. You just pay the standard Stripe transaction fees per order (1.4% + 20p).


A quick overview on the basics of setting up your store front & adding your product.

Setting Up Your Store Front – a step by step guide

Adding products to your store – a step by step guide

Choose your Free Subscription from this page, this will be free for the duration of the three month trial.  We don’t take any percentage of sales ourselves. You will be able to cancel at any time.

Fill in your businesses details that will display on your page and email address where order details will be sent to.

If you don’t already have one, create a  Stripe  account (this allows you to take or send payments online, basically like Paypal but for businesses) and link this to your shop.

Add your products – either from a computer or just using your phone camera.

If you have lots of products we can help you bulk-load them. You don’t need to add all of your products, just 5 or so (or your best sellers) to get started.

Add a ‘Free shipping’ delivery type so that customers can receive their goods without delivery charges via this pre-funded scheme.


When we have enough signed up to provide essentials to those who are self-isolating at home, we’ll let everyone registered know when the launch will be and when to start expecting orders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I sign-up, can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You aren’t held to any minimum contract or anything like that.

I already have an online shop, why should I register here as well?

Yes! The purpose of this site is to provide essentials for those self-isolating all in one order and by one delivery company, so your products will need to be on sale on our website so that customers can add them to our basket and be covered by our group delivery process.

How does delivery work?

Orders will be automatically sent to you and our delivery partner so you’re both aware of what to prepare and what needs to be picked up and delivered the following day.

How do I get notified of orders?

You’ll get an email for every new order. You can also see all orders from your dashboard on this site, to check details and mark each one as ready for collection, shipped and complete (all of these will automatically email the customer to let them know).

How do payments work?

Our website uses Stripe for payments, if you haven’t already got an account, you will need to create this first, add your business/address and bank details then activate it. You can then link this to your .shop account with one click!

It’s similar to Paypal… funds from sales will appear in your account and then be paid into your bank either daily, weekly, monthly or on request.

I don't really use a PC, can I do everything from my phone?

You sure can, the site and dashboard are all mobile-friendly. You can even snap photos of your products and add them to your online listings all from your phone.

My products are available in different types, can we add those?

Why yes you can! These are called Product Variations and you can add these from your dashboard. E.g. Slice or Unsliced bread, Hard or Softback versions of a book, each with their own stock, prices, pictures etc.

Does the site manage stock control?

Yes it does! You can specify how much of each product (and product variation) is in stock and every time an order is made, the stock will be adjusted for you.

You can set low stock thresholds for each of your products and you’ll then be emailed when stock gets this low.

Note: this won’t link-up with any other stock system you have, so you might have to manually adjust these as sales are made if you have an existing stock system or eCommerce website.

I have my stock in another system, can I import it here?

Yes! If you can export your stock in a spreadsheet from elsewhere, you can import it into this system (via a. csv file). Get in touch if you need a hand with this process or you want guidance for creating this from scratch in a spreadsheet (quicker than adding all products individually if you have loads!).

We can easily import from Woocommerce and Shopify sites, and can maybe help you reformat exported data from other eCommerce sites such as Ebay, Etsy, Squarespare, Wix, ECWID etc.