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Buy some delicious infused oils from our zero waste rapeseed oil range at Just Gaia. You can choose from Garlic and Rosemary and Sicilian Lemon infusions.

Both using cold-pressed rapeseed oil that cooks to a much higher temperature than olive oil, for super crispy and tasty dishes.

Choose your infusion below then if you need a bottle or to order a refill on collection, then add to your basket.

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Cooking oils can make a huge difference to your dishes. That’s why our zero waste rapeseed oil is cold-pressed for purity, infused with amazing flavour and gets to a really high cooking temperature for crispy dishes.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil has one of the lowest saturated fat levels in the family of cooking oils. It also gets much hotter (230 degrees Celsius) before it starts to smoke, unlike olive oil that is much lower (190 degrees).

This means you can get those dishes nice and crispy without making the oil burn and affect the flavour. And you can save on the saturated fat while you are doing so. Much better, right?

Well, there’s also the health benefits from the vitamin E content (great for anti-oxidants and heart health) and the plant sterols. These are cholesterol blockers by being easier for your body to utilise them.

This is the perfect example of a “good fat” that cooking with will help you keep healthy while sticking to a balanced diet.

We these come it two delicious infusions of flavour: garlic and rosemary and Sicilian lemon. Both are great all-round in cooking and really add a subtle hint of flavour to everything.

Plus, you can even dip a little bread into it and have a taste!

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Just Gaia Family Thoughts


“I love dipping bread into these for a little tasty snack… perhaps a bit too much! As someone who loves salmon and fish dishes, the Sicilian lemon adds a lovley layer of flavour. The rosmary and garlic is great all round oil, but particularly in meditarinian dishes.”

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Garlic & Rosemary, Sicilian Lemon

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