Zero Waste Coffee Selection – Choose Your Pack


Know a coffee lover (it’s ok if it’s you!). If you know one, or are one, this speciality quality coffee selection box is full of flavour but completely zero waste.

Get a box including two, or three tubes of fantastic, natural coffee. Chose from packs with single-origin coffee and special house blends. All coming in reusable and compostable plastic-free packaging. Get coffee beans or ground to order from the options in the drop downs.

Order from the options including your grind setting here, or find out more about the selection boxes below.


There are your traditional gifts like a good box of chocolate, but this zero waste coffee selection is going to really stand out to a coffee lover.

If you know someone (even yourself!) who loves amazing, speciality quality coffee roasted in small batches. This is the selection box to pick up for a present for someone or a lovely treat for you.

Roasted coffee beans in this set come from the best locations in the world for artisan coffee. What’s more, you get a choice of box size, all packed plastic-free in reusable and compostable tubes.

Here you get a mixture of either two or three different speciality coffee types. This includes at least one premium, single-origin coffee in the box.

You can also choose the grind that works best for how they make it (ground fresh in our store to order). Or get the set as beans to grind at home.

So, do you know someone who’d love one? Order a speciality coffee selection box above from the drop-down options.

If you can get more info on the different options and coffee included below, you can order using the links in the text.

The speciality coffee in this selection includes:

  • One house blend of coffee, our latest selection from our Baristas in the cafe
  • One single-origin coffee from the best regions of natural coffee growers in the world
  • (Optional) Get the three-pack, you receive another unique coffee either a second blend or second single-origin

Each plastic-free speciality coffee selection box comes in a compostable card box. Each coffee comes in a reusable, kraft paper tube designed for freshness and ethical storage.

Grab a set for a gift or a treat above as beans or freshly ground to order in Just Gaia. Choose the selection and grind for you from the options and add to your basket.

Find out more about the latest packs below.

Zero Waste Coffee Selection Options

All speciality coffee packs are full of amazing flavour and will include at least one single-origin which will vary in the single pack.).

Your options on the selection box are:

Quality and Roasting Information

All coffee is 85+ quality rated or higher with beans roasted in small batches, locally in Huddersfield. Roasting is thanks to our good friends at Bean Brothers.

All the packaging is reusable for refills of coffee with specially designed, card tubes.

Order using the links above or the drop-down options at the top of the page. Find out more about the Just Gaia: Speciality Coffee Club below.

Coffee Selection

House Blend & 2 Single Origins, House Blend & 1 Single Origin, 2 Single Origins

Beans / Grind

Beans, Filter Grind, French Press (coarse grind)

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