Yorkshire Pasta – Premium Quality (5 Varieties)


Try these delicious varieties of pasta In paper packaging!? We love how fresh tasting this pasta is and it’s made right here in Yorkshire.

There are a few different types such as; Fusilli and Penne Rigate and more unusual ones such as Mezze Maniche Rigate.

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A fellow UK business that established itself in 2019, our friends at Yorkshire Pasta do things the right way: make delicious pasta in paper packaging.

That’s right, its fully compostable. Plus the wheat is grown in Malton in North Yorkshire. With the expert team at Yorkshire Pasta processing it into delicious shapes with amazing quality.

Everything about this pasta is done in the most sustainable way. The team using flour from a nearby mill and using to solar panels for their energy.

This pasta in paper packaging does not compromise on taste. In fact, the drying process they use leaves the pasta so fresh, it’s hard to tell it was dry pasta once it’s been cooked.

Try some today and see for yourself. Below are the details on the different varieties for you.

Yorkshire Pasta in Paper Packaging Varieties

  • No1 Fusili – These are corkscrew shape made by a bronze drawn method which makes it great for holding a sauce.
  • No2- Penne Rigate – Is a ridged shape which is great for soaking up sauces and perfect for salads
  • No3 Conchiglie Rigate- These little shells are a perfect fun and make for an unusual Mac and Cheese.
  • No4 Tortiglioni – They have little grooves that work it’s way around the pasta- great with sauces and salads alike.
  • No5 Mezze Maniche Rigate – Are long and wide, this is difficult pasta shape to find but here we have it….right here in Yorkshire,? They are great for all types of sauces heavy or light.

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Pasta Type

No1 Fusilli, No2 Penne Rigate, No3 Conchiglie Rigate, No4 Tortiglioni, No5 Mezze Maniche Rigate

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