Wild Tribe Heroes Children’s Book Collection (5 Options)


Take a look at these beautifully written and illustrated children’s books. The Wild Tribe Heroes stories introduce children to pollution and the effects on our eco-system.

They follow different characters: Buddy, Duffy, Hunter Marli and Nelson. We also have a limited selection of signed copies by author Ellie Jackson.

These books are great for inspiring young people to live sustainably and lovely stories. More information is below or use the drop-down to choose a book.


Our children LOVE the Wild Tribe Heroes book series, so we just knew we had to bring them to you at Just Gaia. They are beautifully illustrated and follow 5 unique characters in the 5 different books.

Choose from Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue; Duffy’s Lucky Escape; Marli’s Tangled Tale; Nelson’s Dangerous Dive; Hunter’s Icy Adventure.

Each character and book deals with different aspects of environmental damage in a gentle and engaging way.

Each storybook follows a different animal on a journey, inspiring change, and clear action to help make the world a better place.

They are #1 Children’s book series on saving our Oceans from damaging plastics.

Hunter’s Icy Adventure

A story looking at Climate Change following a Polar Bear named Hunter.

Duffy’s Lucky Escape

The first book in the series, which tackles plastic pollution in a tropical paradise.

Marli’s Tangled Tale

This is the tale of the relationship between humans and wildlife through the story of Marli the Puffin.

Nelson’s Dangerous Dive

Nelson is a whale that discovers a shipwreck and gets into a bit of trouble! Luckily there are tourists who help!

Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue

A story of a brave orangutan who is met with the impact of deforestation.

Environmental awareness

These are great books to gently introduce children to environmental challenges and how to approach them.? It is not only an enjoyable story but can also be a great learning tool and a catalyst for further exploration.? This series of books make a great bedtime story but also supports teaching and learning with these great Teaching resources.

About the Author.

Ellie Jackson (who has kindly signed all our books) is an environmental scientist and teacher.? As a mother of four, she wanted to help children understand the impact of plastics on our ocean ecosystems.? It was a real-life turtle called Duffy which inspired her first book, Duffy was released back into the Ocean following a year of treatment after ingesting plastic.

Just Gaia Family Thoughts

Blake-Ava (7)

My Favourite story is Marli’s Tangled Tale, I love Puffins but I don’t get to read about them in books very much so I was very excited.? My dream, when I am older, is to be a vet.

I found it interesting to read about the role that a vet has in a Wildlife Sanctuary. I have realised that you can help keep animals safe and well in many ways by using less plastic and using reusable water bottles.

This is part of our plastic-free children’s range at Just Gaia

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Wild Tribe Heroes Children's Books: More information

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How to order

Choose from the options on the drop-down list from:

  • Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue
  • Duffy’s Lucky Escape
  • Hunter’s Icy Adventure
  • Marli’s Tangled Tale
  • Nelson’s Dangerous Dive

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Choose Your Book

Buddy's Rainforest Rescue, Duffy's Lucky Escape, Hunter's Icy Adventure, Marli's Tangled Tale, Nelson's Dangerous Dive

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