Vegan Wax Wraps -Jelly Armchair (Avocado)


Limited edition Jelly Armchair, vegan wax wraps.? If you fancy a swap from plastic film, Take a look at this range of different wraps that really help reduce your waste.

Each handmade wrap is coated in wax to help stick and preserve your food naturally while being washable and reusable for years.

You can even use a refresher block of wax when they need an additional stick!

Look at the range in full detail down the page or order from the list below.

We also have the ‘Authorful Puns’? design also from Jelly Armchair


These are limited edition Jelly Armchair vegan wax wraps are in stock now! It’s a new special edition collaboration, featuring a little avocado design and we love them here at Just Gaia!

Ever-growing in popularity, you can save on the plastic waste and save money by getting some of our vegan wax wraps in Halifax.

About the wraps

if you are using plastic wrap to protect food in your fridge or wrap your sandwiches for lunch you may think all is fine. But that awful plastic stuff is not recyclable and can be incredibly dangerous once it gets into the ocean or landfill.

Plus, it’s actually very expensive in the long run.

Enter these beautiful vegan wax wraps, specially designed with Jelly Armchair. All in packs to suit your usage as you can find out below.

They are handmade cotton wraps coated in wax designed to last long term. When you need to, you can refresh the wax with a refresher block and you’re back to like new again.

Nothing to throw away, long term use and they are just as effective! All-round wins if you ask us.

Check out the sizes that come in the pack options below.

Pack options

Below are the pack options you can select from the dropdown list above. The packs contain different combinations of the wax wraps. Sizes for the wraps are:

1 Extra Large Wrap? = 50cm x 50cm (19.6 inch square) – Great for a loaf of bread or really large dishes in size
Large Wrap = 40cm x 40cm (15.75 inch square) – Keeping pans and plates covered
Medium Wrap= 30cm x 30cm (12 inch square) – wrapping up sandwiches size
Small Wrap= 20cm x 20cm (7.9 inch square) – great to keep small items fresh like sliced fruit or vegetables

At present, we are unable to offer different pattern options on here so they may vary from the pictures.

Vegan Wax Wraps – Options

These collections are for the kitchen and make it easier by grouping a number of sizes together. If you want to get an idea without spending too much go with the small pack for a couple of wraps to get going.

As a starter pack though, the large and medium packs are the best depending on your family size and how many of you need to wrap up those sandwiches.

  • 5 Pack Combo – one large wrap, two medium wraps and two small wraps
  • 3 Pack Combo- one large wrap, one medium wrap and one small wrap
  • 2 Pack Combo – one medium wrap, one small wrap

Other Wax Wrap Packs

These packs are for special use or specific purposes including wrapping up bread and lunch packs.

  • Bread: One large bread wrap, great for getting around big loaves of bread.
  • Cheese: Three medium-sized wraps perfect for a cheese lover and also great for a starter pack
  • Lunch (adult): Two medium wraps and two small wraps for two people’s lunches
  • Children’s Lunch: Also Two medium wraps and two small wraps for two people’s lunches but with a lovely children’s design on the wraps

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How to order

Choose your pack from the options outlined above, you can pick your pack from:

  • Two Combo
  • Three Combo
  • Five Combo
  • 1 Large Wrap

Once selected you can add to your basket and order via the checkout page to get your beeswax wraps in Halifax from Just Gaia.

Please note: When one has been added to your basket, you can change the option and add a different pack if you would like.

Delivery information

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Pack Type

2 Pack Combo, 3 Pack Combo, 5 pack Combo, 1 Large Wrap

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