The Docks House Blend coffee beans


We have put a lot of work into creating our house blend over the last few years, tinkering with components and percentages until we think it is just right. Our aim has been to create a blend that embraces many of the characteristics of a traditional espresso blend but that embodies principles of specialty coffee working with amazing producers from across the tropics, profiling and roasting their beans to a medium level before carefully blending them to create a characterful cup.

The result is our take on a more traditional style blend with plenty of chocolate and nut notes that are in the cup not because of the roast level (which is still medium) but because they are the inherent characteristics of the coffees we have blended. It is a real crowd pleaser and a great one to have in your cupboard, with milk it is super smooth and creamy with notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and a hint of butter. Black, it is smooth and naturally sweet with minimal bitterness and a twist of orange peel on the finish.

This blend supports many of our all time hero producing partners here at North Star – you can read more here about Marcello Montanari (owner of Rainha da Paz in Brazil) and Maria Zoila Pineda (one fo the El Salvador Chelazos producers).


Flavours: Milk Chocolate | Toasted Nuts | Tangerine

40% Brazil Fazenda Rainha Da Paz

A classic Brazilian coffee with low to medium acidity and intense notes of milk chocolate and roasted nuts. Full-bodied and creamy in mouthfeel, this is a staple coffee from an amazing and relatively young farm in Patrocinio, Minas Gerais. The Montanari brothers (Roger and Marcello) are paving their way in the area fast gaining a reputation for innovation and social and environmental responsibility.

40% El Salvador Chelazos

We are so proud of this coffee having sourced it during a trip to El Salvador in February 2017. Determined to work with small scale producers where possible, we chose the region of Chalatenango to source our coffee from and came across a group of incredibly determined and focused farmers defying the challenges of the area and remaining committed to the principles of quality coffee production. The result is juicy, clean, balanced, and bursting with plum and marzipan.

20% Sumatra Bener Meriah

Sumatra is possibly one of the most challenging origins to work with when looking for quality, it’s unique processing method and infrastructure can result in coffees that display a real woody, earthy character. Bener Meriah is a washing station in Aceh (North Sumatra) that belongs to the Bener Meriah Farmers Group, compromising of 400 farmers. We have worked with these smallholders for nearly four years now thanks to the clean coffee they produce –  intense and full-bodied this coffee has deep notes of dark chocolate, tamarind, and plum.

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250g, 1kg