Shaving Soap in a Tin


To help you on your plastic-free journey – why not pick up this handmade, natural shaving soap in a tin. It’s the perfect way to move to sustainable and zero waste shaving while giving amazing performance.

This plastic free soap is:

  • 100% cold presssed
  • Vegan
  • Made in Yorkshire

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If you have already picked up a plastic-free?razor from Just Gaia, you might fancy going even more zero waste with this natural shaving soap in a tin

This type of shaving soap goes perfectly with safety razors and brings you closer to a completely plastic free shave.

This is a 100% cold processed soap which suds up fantastically; it helps to achieve a nice smooth shave wherever you use it.

Plus, it’s made right here in Yorkshire by our friends at Sheffield Skin Care Company.

Natural shaving soap in a tin

It has a number of ingredients that make it great for the skin, at Just Gaia we particularly enjoy the clay helps to clean the skins which promotes a smoother shave.

These moisturising bars make a great alternative to shaving foams which leads to a lot of waste and increases the amount of waste going to landfill.

A great idea would be to add one of our shaving brushes to the help get you sudded up good and proper!? Or you could always rub it in your hands to work up a good lather that way.

Each soap is handmade right here in Yorkshire and plastic free packaging is a must for us at Just Gaia.

This soap is free from any palm oils and a Vegan friendly being cruelty-free it’s also SLS Aand additive-free.? It makes a fantastic natural option.

Ingredients include:

Porter Muck:

Soaponified Ricebran oil, Soaponified Virgin Olive Oil, Soaponified Coconut oil, Soaponified Castor oil, Soaponified Hemp seed oil, Water, Kaolin clay, Lime essesntial oil, May chang essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil

Devonshire Green:? Soaponified Rice bran oil, Soaponified Olive oil, Soaponified Coconut oil, Soaponified Castor oil, Soaponified Hemp seed oil, Australian Green Clay, Water, Patchoili essential oil, Lemon Grass essential oil


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Natural shaving soap in a tin : More information

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How to order

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Porter Muck, Devonshire Green

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