Seedbom – Butterfly, Tiger, Love and more


Grab a Kabloom Seedbom in Halifax to throw and grow! Pick up a gardening grenade to add a blast of colour to your garden or plant pots with the little ones and have some fun.

The shell100% starch-based and compostable ready to help feed the seeds within to help sustain bees and other insects. Once the process starts the entire grenade composts eaving only the plants and flowers behind.

Order a Butterflyom, TigerBom, LoveBom or Pollinator BeeBom from the options below.


Ever wanted a kinder grenade that explodes in a flurry of flowers that are great for bees? Well, even if that wasn’t something you could even dream of the great guys at Kabloom have made them! You can pick from us as your local stockist of Kablom Seedbom in Halifax.

These magnificent bombs are a fantastic project or gift. Compostable seed bombs are designed to bring fun to urban and rural areas. They are also awesome for the insect population, helping wildflowers grow and bees pollinate.

Each one is made from a special starch-based “grenade” that fully composts into the ground to feed the seeds within. A bit of water, some sun and some time and the whole Seedbom grows into flowers.

This is a fun way for children to get into growing and great for pollinating insects, in particular the bee population. See your options below.


This is a seed mix to support butterfly conversation, it has a special mix of larval food plants containing a nectar-rich wildflower seed mix. Butterflies love this along with other pollinating insects. Get this Seedbom to help promote butterfly populations.

Seed Mix: Musk Mallow, Yarrow, Red Campion, Forget me nots, trefoil, Oxeye Daisy.


This is a special edition “There’s a Tiger in the Garden’ seedbom is inspired the book by Lizzy Stewart. This mix contains a cool tiger mix of orange and black flowers to really take inspiration from the children’s book. Great for Tiger loving children (like ours!)

Seed Mix: Black Cornflower, African Daisy Orange Glory.


This Kabloom bom is bursting full of Forget-me-nots – these little blue gems bring vibrancy to any garden. These flowers are a symbol of faithfulness and endurance of love.

Seed Mix: Musk Mallow,birds-foot Trefoil, Yarrow, Oxeye Daisy, Red Campion & Forget-me-not.

Pollinator BeeBomb

This mix only uses seeds on the RHS Perfect for Pollinators list and is amazing for the bee population and other pollinators. Honeybees and Bumble Bees, in particular, will love the rich nectar in these flowers.

Seed Mix: Cornflower, Vipers Bugloss, Wild Marjoram, Red Clover, Borage & Phacelia.


These seeds are Catnip which is a type of mint plant, which cats just love. They are known to roll, rub or even be entranced by this plant.? Even better, Catnip supports bee pollination.

How to use your Seedbom

  1. This first step is ‘SHAKE IT’ this will distribute the seeds inside your grenade.
  2. Pull the pin to ‘TRIGGER’ your grenade this will remove the seal and allow you to put water inside and outside.
  3. Then ‘THROW’ this onto the ground ensuring the grenade splits and seedlings pop out and get ready to sprout.
  4. Sit back and watch your garden grow! There are two recommended sowing seasons for the seedboms. Spring for flowers to grow the same year and Autumn for the following year.

Product information:

Weight is 25g and Size 50x50x80 mm

The Seedbom structure is made from a specialist starch-based bio shell holding inside an organic (peat-free) compost. There are seeds within the container and mix that vary based on your selection as above. All Seedboms are FSC glue-free and use kind vegetable ink to print on the paper wrapper.

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Just Gaia Family Thoughts

Hudson (5)

I love these seedboms so much mummy – My favourite place to throw them is in Grandma’s Garden, it makes her so happy and smiley to see new flowers grow!

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How to order

Choose the type of bom you would like from ButterflyBom, TigerBom, Lovebom and Pollinator BeeBom from the dropdown. Add to your basket.

Pick up your Kabloom Seedbom in Halifax from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall.

Delivery information

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ButterflyBom, TigerBom, LoveBom, Pollinator BeeBom, Catnipbom, Urban Bloomer

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