Reusable Face Mask


Pick up this reusable, plastic free face mask hand made in the UK. Made from cotton for quick machine washing and reuse.

Cotton allows you to breath through the mask comfortably while the barrier helps reduce the risk of spreading viruses. Select your design from the options below.


To help us all be safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are working to ensure the spread of all viruses and bacteria are reduced. This plastic free face mask allows you to protect yourself and others from infection while also maintaining our environmentally friendly philosophy.

The reusable mask is hand-made here in the UK from soft, washable cotton. The material naturally allows you to breathe naturally while being gentle and comfortable on your skin.

It’s washable either by hand or in the washing machine so you can reuse every day. Many viruses, including Coronavirus, do not survive exposure to soap which makes this reusable, plastic free face mask the perfect PPE to use day-to-day.

It also massively avoids disposables making their way into landfill or the ocean which benefits our waste and planet. Not to mention each other.

With a range of designs, currently: leaves, stars, floral and green, it’s easy to keep each member of the families own mask separate. The pleated two-layer pure cotton mask, with a patterned and plain side, makes it clear which way to place it.

Find out more about the plastic free face mask range below and see more of our PPE range here. You can get the latest on our efforts during the Coronavirus situation on Facebook during our live streams or on Instagram and Twitter.

Just Gaia Family Thoughts


“With two children and working on the front-line it’s key to stay protected but also to have some comfort while wearing something on your face the majority of the day. These masks feel comfortable while washing and drying really quickly.”

How to care for your face mask:

This can be used repeatedly and should be placed on the cotton cycle in your washing machine with your usual detergent.

Product Detail:

Large elastic hoops to place around ears, two-layer pure cotton mask. This is not a medical-grade face mask.

COVID-19 Pandemic Note:

Given the situation our community and the world community is facing, The Piece Hall is no longer open to the public. However, Just Gaia continues to trade and, now more than ever, we want to ensure everyone gets the best quality, fresh produce they need.

So long as we can get the products, orders will be fulfilled.

Please note that you will need to collect from the Westgate Entrance to The Piece Hall. Toggle the map below for the exact location.

Reusable, Plastic Free Face Mask: More information

Collection Point Map

Please collect from the location below. We are currently operating on a collection time of 1 until 2 PM.

Please collect from the Westgate door while The Piece Hall is closed at the arranged times.

How to order

Choose the design of your plastic free face mask and add to the basket, once this has been added you can add a further mask by choosing a different design and repeating the add to basket process.

Delivery information

We are currently working on our delivery service, please contact us for more information or check back here soon for updates.


Green, Stars, Leaves, Floral B/W

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