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We love this plastic-free switch from sellotape.? Did you know? …? used sticky tape cannot be recycled and takes between 500-1000 years to breakdown!

Zero waste paper tape Is the best option for gift giving as this avoids passing on the burden of plastic.

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Here at Just Gaia, we love using this zero waste paper tape. It has the awesome stick power of sellotape that we all know but it doesn’t stay around for hundreds of years once you’re done with it.

If you’re wanting to seal boxes or wrap up presents, this is a great option.? I’ve also heard people use tape to remove clothes lint, clean keyboards the list is endless.

What makes zero waste paper tape great is because it can be composted recycled and can naturally biodegrade in our environment.

Why swap to Zero Waste paper tape?

Now, we were surprised to learn that plastic tape lasts from 500 to 1000 years once stuck. That’s further into the future than most Star Trek Series!

We’ll be at warp speed before your plastic sticky tape is breaking down… that’s not logical.

It’s also incredibly hard to recycle so is simply not attempted. And it can’t be reused so we are stuck with it, unless we change.

This is why we recommend this paper tape available at Just Gaia. It’s compostable, recyclable and looks great on your wrapping or packaging.

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19mm, 24mm

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