Organic Cotton Face Wipes


We love these organic cotton face wipes here at Just Gaia, handmade by our friend in the valley.

They are a great choice for reducing waste as they are an excellent alternative to cotton pads and don’t shed microplastics like cloths.

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We love these organic cotton face wipes here at Just this Gaia, handmade just over in Rossendale, these can massively just the plastic waste.

These reusable pads help remove makeup/sunscreen and waste free. They are double-sided with a smoother side and muslin clothed side.

Made by hand here in the UK, they are an amazing alternative to the endless use of disposable cotton rounds or wet-wipes

These feel even better than disposables and in the long run, will cost far less..

Washing instructions:

The eye pads can be washed at high temperatures and may also be placed in the dryer – although shrinkage will occur.? To extend life it would be best to air dry and use a laundry bag.

Reusable organic cotton face wipes Information

Each pack Includes:

  • 5 individual face wipes
  • The edges are finished with pure organic cotton
  • The product packaging is paper that can be reused or composted.

Disposal of cotton pads

When you feel the Just Gaia organic cotton face wipes have come to the end of their useful life, disposal is easy!

To dispose of cut into small strips and then simply place in your compost bin.

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