Organic Christmas Veg Box Selection – One off and Upgrade


Need your Christmas Veggies and want amazing all-organic selection with zero plastic and zero waste?

Grab an organic Christmas veg box with Just Gaia in Halifax. If you need a one-off box, order here. If you need an upgrade to an existing box for Christmas week, you can do that too.

Us the options below to add a box for up to 6 or 12 guests.


OK it took the covid situation to clear up and what policies in place to settle down first… but are you ready for Christmas? Well, if you need some veggies for Christmas day that are organic, sourced from the UK and completely plastic-free. Grab an organic Christmas veg box from Just Gaia this week.

They also come completely supermarket madness free, as we’ll pack just the right amount for you ready to collect or have delivered Christmas week.

We’d usually have taken orders earlier and be booked up by now. Sadly there was no idea to be certain how many people you could have over. We certainly did not want to encourage breaking any rules.

Now we know you can have a few people over you can order either a Regular Christmas Veg Box that gives you enough for 5-6 adults or a Large Christmas Veg Box that will handle around 10-12 adults.

Obviously, this will vary if Uncle Hungry Tummy comes around to visit and eats all the sprouts. Personally, I’d be more worried about what comes after…

Find out more about the contents below?AND?if you have a box already how you can upgrade it. If you want a one-off just add to your basket and pop through online. You can pay and get everything sorted in a few seconds and we’ll do the rest.

Order a one-off Large Christmas Veg Box

Order a one-off Regular Christmas Veg Box

Christmas Veg Box Contents and Upgrade

We have all the best organic Christmas veg here all tasty and sourced locally, plus you get some delicious clementines thrown in too.

You get the perfect amount of:

  • Rudolf Potatoes? (Regular = 2kg & Large = 4kg)
  • Carrots (Regular = 1kg & Large = 2kg)
  • Parsnips (Regular = 600g & Large = 1.2kg)
  • Sprouts (Regular = 600g & Large = 1.2kg)
  • Red Cabbage
  • Swede
  • Clementines (Regular = 400g & Large 600g)

Existing Veg Box Subscribers

If you have a box already this week you will get Christmas contents but you can upgrade to a regular or large Christmas below plus get the usual contents you have. You?do not need to match your current box size to the ones below.

For example, you can have a weekly large box already and upgrade to a?Regular Christmas for 5-6 adults and we’ll get the amounts correct for you.

Note, this?ONLY works if you have an existing box coming to Christmas Week Specifically. If you are fortnightly and this is not your week, you will need to order a one-off box above.

Ping us a message using Insta of Facebook with any questions. Use the buttons below to upgrade online!

Order Large Christmas Veg Box Upgrade

Order Regular Christmas Veg Box Upgrade

Find out more about Just Gaia’s range of plastic free and zero waste products by visiting our website here. Find more information over on our instagram or Facebook Page, including our latest products and offers.

Box Size

Regular, Large

Subscribed Already?

No, one-off box, Yes, upgrade my box

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