Natural Hand Sanitiser Spray (50ml)


Buy some all natural hand sanitiser spray made with 65% alcohol (WHO standard) with a non-dying formula and essential oils.

The spray comes in a glass 50ml bottle using minimal plastic in the spray nozzle, is vegan friendly and an Ethical Award winner. Order below or see more information down the page.

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To help us all be safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all working extra hard to protect ourselves and one another from infections. This means keeping your hands sanitised. You get exactly that with this natural hand sanitiser spray but minus the harsh chemicals of gel.

This Fushi spray is 65% alcohol making it WHO standard for virus and bacteria protection.

This spray also uses all-natural ingredients including essential oils, Tea Tree and Neem. It also uses thyme, sage and rosemary for a natural fragrance.

The spray itself comes in a glass bottle using minimal plastic. Plastic contents are used in the spray, which could be repurposed once the bottle is empty.

Our natural hand sanitiser is made with zero animal cruelty and has won an Ethical Company Organisation award.

Find out more about the natural hand sanitiser below and see more of our PPE range here. You can get the latest on our efforts during the Coronavirus situation on Facebook during our live streams or on Instagram and Twitter.

Just Gaia Family Thoughts


“Working on my computer for long periods but also needing to do more practical work this hand sanitiser really helps ensure everything is virus and bacteria free.

The amount I use I would have really dried out hands with gel, but this really keeps them feeling great.”

How to use this natural hand sanitiser:

The bottle is made from toughened glass with 50ml of sanitiser included. The pushdown spray should be sprayed on either hand and ensured all skin is well covered to be fully effective.

Product Detail:

  • 50mil sanitiser spray
  • 65% Alcohol
  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-drying formula
  • Made from essential oils and herbs
  • All-natural ingredients

COVID-19 Pandemic Note:

Given the situation our community and the world community is facing, The Piece Hall is no longer open to the public. However, Just Gaia continues to trade and, now more than ever, we want to ensure everyone gets the best quality, fresh produce they need.

So long as we can get the products, orders will be fulfilled.

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Natural hand sanitiser spray: More information

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How to order

We currently only have one type of these hand sanitisers available and are looking to expand with refills or different styles. For now, simply choose the number of sprays you require and add to your basket with any other products you require.

Delivery information

We are currently working on our delivery service, please contact us for more information or check back here soon for updates.

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