Luxury Natural Candle – Glass Jar


Do you love a good candle, or know someone who does? If so, this beautiful, luxury natural candle is the perfect gift for them, or treat for yourself.

This hand-poured candle will not only smell gorgeous as it burns gently in your home. It is also vegan, cruelty-free and made from GMO-free soy.

Add to basket here for a candle that has a clean burn with a cotton and paper wick (no shooting) and brings you a 20 hour burn time.


We all know someone who loves a nice smelling candle burning in the house. If that’s you or someone you know, this luxury natural candle in rose gold will make a lovely gift, or treat for yourself.

This is GMO-Free soya and burns clean with all-natural smells that will make your home smell gorgeous. Even not burning they smell lovely in our shop and visitors have been commenting on how lovely the scents are.

Available in a range of scents, all of which a one-off for the Christmas period, these are a lovely accessory to have around any home. With a paper and cotton ‘clean burn’ wick, there will be no trace of soot either.

Fancy one? Choose from the menu options above to add to your basket, or use the list below to click and add your scent to the basket.

Luxury Natural Candle Scent Options

  • Drift – Sea salt, fresh sage and herbal rosemary essential oil
  • Fireside – Earthy patchouli, spicy clove bud and grounding cedarwood oils blend
  • Golden Pear – Poached pears dripping with golden nectar, blended with?sweet undertones of tonka bean
  • Tabac – Tobacco flower, teakwood and sandalwood, blended with sweet base notes of vanilla and tonka bean
  • Wild Fig – Sumptuous ripe black figs, blended with sharp, freshly picked blackberry and cassis, and a subtle hint of vanilla

About These Candles

These candles are available at Just Gaia for a limited time only due to the small batches these candles are made in. We change our candle suppliers to give you the opportunity to try out all of the fantastic ranges are out there.

This luxury Rose Gold candle is from the wonderful Tiger&Co who specialise in Vegan small batch fragrances.

It comes in earth-friendly packaging and features all-natural ingredients. It’s beautiful to look and smell too, well worth giving a try yourself or as a gift.

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Drift, Tabac, Wild Fig, Golden Pear, Fireside

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