Insulated 12oz TKWide Twist Straw Cap by Klean Kanteen


This high-quality insulated TKWide with a straw from Klean Kanteen is just what you need for your cold drinks on the go. Its twist open lid is leakproof, making it great on-the-go

It’s stainless steel, inside and out; and built to last. It keeps drinks cold for 33 hours. They look great too, check out the colours and design options and order online.


If you need a high quality, drinks container to travel with, this insulated TKWide from Klean Kanteen is perfect. It keeps drinks cold for 33 hours and if you prefer to us.

It makes a great water bottle, iced coffee cups, sports bottle and insulated drinks container.? This cup is also compatible with the cafe cap lid which is great for hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

Being stainless steel construction also means you get something strong and built to last. It also has zero absorption which means you can have tea in there one day and coffee the next after cleaning and you won’t get any residual flavour.

It’s one of our favourites and you can find out more about general use below.

Check the insulated TKWide design and colour options for your preference above. Most have a nice textured and matte finish, which some have a stylish gloss finish to them. Take your pick and add it to your basket above.

Using your 12oz (355ml) Insulated TKWide Twist Straw Cap Klean Kanteen

Your Insulated TKWide comes with a carry handle, twist-lock lid so you can drink without taking off the cap. The lid also fully comes apart to clean with a simple lock system.

The insulation here is key. Thanks to the solid construction and the fact you don’t need to take the full cap off, there is very little loss of heat. This keeps your drink cold for 33 hours iced with the climate lock technology.

Being solid stainless steel inside and out makes it very durable and long-lasting.

Why Klean Kanteen?

While there are a lot of choices over your drinks containers out there, we really are a supporter of Klean Kanteen and the insulated TKWide. Their products are made from stainless steel and to a really high-quality finish as discussed above.

As a company, they are family owned and do everything they can to stand for the environment as we do at Just Gaia.

They are a certified B Corporation meeting the highest verified social and environmental standards. Additionally, this proves their public transparency, legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

They are also Climate Neutral Certified and doing so many amazing things, like using solar power to 100% of their headquarters and donating 1% of their gross sales to for The Planet as a member of the 1% For the Planet.

Take all that, and mix in the fact their products are of such a high quality, these are the kind of businesses we all need to support.

Just Gaia Family Thoughts


I have the “Lemon Curry”? Insulated TKwide in the other, 12oz size and pretty much take it everywhere with the little ones or just on my way to Just Gaia. It’s carry handle makes for easy travel and I sometimes attach to my bag.

Since I mix up drinks sometimes I have coffee, others some herbal tea but it always comes completely clean for next time no matter what goes inside.


I have this larger version of the TKWide range in “Post Box Red” being very much my favourite colour! While not at Just Gaia I work down in Sheffield and this is great for a long car journey.

The quick twist lid means I can get a warm sip of Just Gaia coffee miles away and hours after I’ve left. It also rattles around my car a lot and is still (somehow!) in one piece and looks pristine.


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