Fetch-It Compostable Poo Bags


When your dog leaves lovely “presents” for you on a walk, don’t bring plastic to pick up the poo! Instead, these compostable poo bags fro Fetch-It mean you can help clean up without creating plastic waste.

Since dog poo is compostable, why wrap it in something that won’t decompose for hundreds of years?

Grab some of these compostable bags and clean up both the poo and the planet.

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Ok, picking up those lovely “presents” from your dog isn’t the most fun part of coming to Just Gaia. But, with our compostable poo bags from Fetch-It, you can clean it up without the environmental impact.

And get some top quality bags too.

Thinking about the problem of dog poo and dog poo bags, you have plastic bags that will not break down for hundreds of years. That means your a plastic poo bag is going to not only linger around, it’s going to prevent the contents from composting naturally too.

So your dog’s poo could decompose within a year and could go into the ground and compost… but it’s wrapped in plastic.

Enter the compostable poo bags that allow you to pick up that poo and not create waste.

Made from a special kind of GM-free cornstarch, these bags are thick and strong and designed to be “leak-proof”. They are good for both smaller pups and your larger dogs too.

Pick these up and start saving on the waste created by both that best friend of yours, and plastic poo bags!

Product information:

You get 60 bags in a box of compostable poo bags with the following key information.

  • Extra thick material
  • Split and leak proof
  • Made from cornstarch (GM-free) that truly composts, rather than degrading into microplastics
  • Certified to the highest European standards for compostability (EN13432 and OK Compost HOME)
  • Vegan

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Just Gaia Family Thoughts


OK, this isn’t the most glamours product recommendation I’ve done BUT our family pup does “help” us go through them.

One thing that really stands out about these bags, they are very strong. Where some compostable bags are thin and easy to rip, these are tough and don’t let anything escape.

Very much a good thing in this situation!

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So long as we can get the products, orders will be fulfilled.

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How to order

Our Fetch-It Compostable Poo bags come in pre-packed boxes containing 60 bags in rolls. Simply add the quantity needed to your basket.

Pick up your poo bags from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall, Halifax.

Delivery information

We are currently working on our delivery service, please contact us for more information or check back here soon for updates.


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