Detachable Wooden Cleaning Brush – (Replacement Head)


For cleaning up this detachable wooden cleaning brush is an excellent way to go plastic free while getting great cleaning on your pots and pans.

This wooden brush uses a metallic holder at the top to grasp to a cleaning brush head. This allows you to clean with great performance and grip. It also means you can replace the head when required.

Order a brand new brush or a replacement head or both from the options below and add to your basket.


There are a few ways to make cleaning up more sustainable, including this plant fibre, wooden cleaning brush. With a detachable head, you can use one handle unit and replace to top when you need to. Even have a couple for different uses.

The fibres of usual brushes are made from plastic on the mainstream market. This causes a few issues. One, they wear really easily and soon go flat since they are not that strong.

Plastic is also a nightmare for bacteria in the home and the pieces breaking off go into the ocean and cause serious damage.

These bristles are plant-based using Tampico fibres. They are tough, durable and keep clean themselves.

The body is made from beechwood with a metal frame that can easily detach the brush head. This way you can have different heads for different uses if you require.

Find out more about uses below and add to your basket any time using the button around this description to checkout securely. See more brushes in our cleaning range here.

Using and Caring for Your Wooden Cleaning Brush

This wooden cleaning brush can also be utilised to scrub down your pans, dish trays or plates following a meal. It’s also great on surfaces such as hobs, cookers or in the bathroom for scrubbing down the bath.

With the brush made from Tampico, it has great water retention, is tough and hard-wearing. Your brush will also keep its shape without softening for some time.

To care for your dish brush it is best rinsed out after each use and stored in a place and dry area to fully dry out.

The dish brush is approx 24cm long, the handle is around 19cm of that measurement.

Just Gaia Family Thoughts


We use this mainly for our larger items around the kitchen plus, in Just Gaia it’s great from scrubbing down the fresh orange juicer and other equipment.

The brush heads are really sturdy and take some serious cleaning effort before needing to be replaced.

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How to order

Choose from the options on the drop-down list from:

  • Brush and Head – this includes the handle and one head attached and ready to use
  • Brush and two heads – as above but has an additional head if you wish to use for different purposes
  • Replacement head – should your brush head be worn out, you can order a replacement

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