Coconut Scouring Pads by EcoCoconut (2 pack)


Our plastic-free coconut scourers are the answer to your kitchen and bathroom cleaning needs. Not only are they these cleaning scourers biodegradable they fantastic for a wide range of tough household jobs!


  • Coconut fiber is Naturally antibacterial
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Removes Mould
  • Is safe for enamel surfaces such as sinks and baths
  • Can be utilised on nonstick frying pans
  • Free from harmful Chemicals
  • Plastic-free

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These coconut scouring pads are a fantastic addition on your journey to reduce rubbish going to landfills and decrease your plastic waste.

These scourers from our plastic free cleaning range are suitable for a wide range of tough household jobs such as; cookers and hobs, they are also scratch-resistant so they can be utilised on non-stick frying pans.

These truly multi-purposes scourers are also great to use in the bathroom and make your cleaning tasks much easier than a traditional plastic sponge.

Using Coconut fibre for cleaning is one of the best ways to clean up. One, it’s naturally antibacterial due to the oils it produces. There is also how effective it is at removing mould and nasty gunk from your items or surfaces.

What’s more, we love how gentle these are on your ceramics, non-stick pans and delicate crockery. It’s like it only wants to break down the things you don’t want!

Being all-natural and plastic free construction by EcoCoconut, these coconut scouring pads are perfect for a zero waste cleaning set. With two in a pack, you can easily keep one for the kitchen and the other for bathroom use as they are equally effective in both.

How to care for your Coconut Scouring pads:

To care for your scourer they are best rinsed out after each use and stored in a place and dry area.

Product Detail:

These coconut scouring rings are roughly the diameter of? 10cm and 4.5cm? and they are wrapped around a metal coil.

Coconut fibre is a by-product of coconut farming and is considered sustainable using the husks from outside of a dried coconut.

Just Gaia Family Thoughts


I am yet to be faced with a task that these haven?t been able to fix with one of these coconut scourers!

The best thing is that they come in a pack of two so the other scourer lives upstairs in the bathroom so I can clean up any mess when children have been in the bath.

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Coconut Scouring Pads: More information

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