Coconut Bowl


Pick up one of our bowls, described as the best coconut bowl you can buy.

Perfect for; breakfast cereals, smoothies, acai bowls and even cocktails!

We are told by our customers that we have the best coconut bowls due to the shape, strength and base at the bottom which stops it from rolling around. This makes is not only convenient for eating at the table but those all-important Instagram shots.

Order one here and don’t forget to tag us in any of your delicious posts at @JustgaiaHx.

This is by far the best coconut bowl that we have used here at Just Gaia, and our customers tell us this too. They are now available to order online here too.

Our coconut bowls are handmade from the waste shells of coconuts. These are ethically and sustainably sourced and are completely natural. They are formed into a unique shape and polished with oils.

No chemicals in-sight.

Due to being a completely natural product each bowl is completely unique and differs in size shape and texture and may differ from those pictured but will be equally amazing.

The Best Recipies for the Best Coconut Bowl

Once you have purchased your bowl, the biggest question is ”what do I put in there next’? Our good friend Amy from @amys.foodiary has some excellent ideas on her Instagram post.

Why not follow her and us at @amys.foodiary @JustgaiaHx

One of our favourite recipes-

50g strawberries
200g fat-free Greek yoghurt

45g GF oats ??
80g mashed banana ??
5g cocoa powder ??
100ml unsweetened coconut drink ??
70ml water ??

All the toppings:
Banana ??
Strawberries and raspberries??
Chocolate and hazelnut shot ??
Chocolate nut butter ??

Caring for your coconut bowl

It’s not recommended that you put your bowls in extreme temperatures such as dishwashers and microwaves.

Do not use with boiling hot water

When it comes to the end of it’s its life it can be composted.

COVID-19 Pandemic Note:

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